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Gum Copal

Gum copal, also known as manila copal, is a resin produced by the sap of the forest tree. Its properties of water resistance, solubility in alcohols, ability to give glossy finishing and superior binding abilities makes it an important source of raw materials for the production of varnishes, adhesives, paints and perfumes.

It is known as Sundras, Chandras and Karfa in different parts of our country.

Gum copal has had a extensively used in both past and present times. Mainly used as incense by ancient civilizations, it also found use as an early form of glue, and traditional medicine for cases such as dysentery, stomach pains, dizziness and fright. It was often used in religious occasions, too, in the form of sacrifices to deities (typically designating the copal as food for the gods).
Today, gum copal is generally used as incense. It is also used as a varnish or waterproofing material (when it is heated with certain oils, it becomes nearly transparent). It also can be used as an ingredient in adhesives, perfumes, printing ink, paints and films.  Gum copal is sold primarily two ways. The first way is as powder, which is usually mixed with turpentine to make varnish. The other way is as the natural "rocks" which can then be used in many different ways.


PWS Gum Copal

PWS is the highest grade of gum copal. It is white in color and 99-100% purity. Used for making varnish for wood surfaces, it dries to a hard and shiny film. Such varnish is high-luster and resistant to external scratches.


Medium size  Gum Copal

MEDIUM CHIPS is smaller size PWS almost the size of a cashew nut. It is equally clean as PWS.


DBB Gum Copal

DBB grade is pebble sized and whitish yellow in color with about 90-95% purity. This is an economy grade, ideal for production of low-end varnishes. Its solubility is good. It can contain some black copal but it is still easily dissolved in alcohol solvent mixtures. It is also the most common grade for use in incense.


WS Gum Copal

WS is the lowest grade of gum copal, larger chunks, black in color with about 60% purity. The impurities include tree bark and soil.


GUM Copal Powder

The powder is procured after the processing of PWS and DBB that is used to manufacture varnish.


It is economical in price. It takes very less time to get dissolved.